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3D printing solutions

3Design offer a wide variety of 3D printing solutions to help customers overcome unique challenges within their industries or hobbies. New Zealand's one stop shop from prototyping to short run manufacturing. Get a "FREE QUOTE" today or consult with one of our expert's to start your project.
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Design and drafting services

Have an idea but don't know how to design it? No worries our creative team can help you bring your idea to life. Work directly with one of our designers to determine your ideas and goals. Our team has over 14 years experience in product design and drafting,
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Large 3D printer selection

Formulate and create amazing things you never thought possible with 3Designs premium range of 3D printers. All our machines go through strict quality checks giving us the confidence our customers experience is the best. 3Designs supplies a large selection of 3d printers for consumer to light commercial.
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Rapid 3D Prototyping services

3D printing is now considered by many the tool to quickly make one-off prototypes, the technology is more accessible and more affordable than traditional methods. We offer 3D Printing for all budgets & requirements.

3D printing solutions New Zealand

3Design are a complete 3D printing solution provider in New Zealand who not only provide 3D printing services but also supply a comprehensive range of 3D printers. You can purchase in confidence as all our 3D printers go through rigorous testing before sale. In addition to our 3D printers for sale we offer globally acknowledged brands of ABS and PLA filaments, such as Colorfabb,Ninjaflex and Wanhao. We hold our commitment to customer satisfaction as the primary concern in everything we do which we also extend to our after sales service. 

Being comprised of multiple professionals of the industry we have built up more than 26 years’ experience and consequently the knowledge that comes alongside this. Having worked with CAD, Solidworks, Rino, Magics and more, our scope is far reaching. We can train people of all ability levels which numerous clients have found to be of great benefit. Our network has enabled us to reach out into final type manufacturing, branding and Rapid prototyping. Being based in New Zealand we are pleased to have been serving customers locally and beyond for almost 15 years. Our team has demonstrated a commitment to customer satisfaction and we are looking forward to you being able to meet with them. It is they that allow us to continually strive for greater things in everything that we do. Enabling you to be successful is something we hold great pride in and it is exactly that which we aim to achieve at 3Design through 3D printing.

  • Rapid Prototyping
  • FDM (Fused deposit modelling)
  • SLA (Stereolithography)
  • SLS (Selective laser sintering)
  • MJP (MultiJet printing)
  • Colour InkJet printing
  • CNC milling
  • 3D Printing
  • Fabrication
  • Scanning 3D
  • Computer generated imagery
  • 3Dprinter sales