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Cubicon Single Plus 3D Printers NZ

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Cubicon Single Plus 3D Printers NZA High Performance printer, ideal for Beginners to Professionals The Cubicon Single Plus high-performance 3D printer is the perfect FFF printer to meet your 3D printing needs if you require an easy to use machine wit...

Cubicon Single Plus 3D Printers NZ

A High Performance printer, ideal for Beginners to Professionals 

The Cubicon Single Plus high-performance 3D printer is the perfect FFF printer to meet your 3D printing needs if you require an easy to use machine with superior quality printing. 

The Cubicon Single Plus is one of the most advanced desktop 3D printing systems on the market and was developed from the already impressive Cubicon Single. The new 4.3" touch screen interface, automatically calibrated build plate and built-in WiFi offer a seamless printing process, even for beginners. The Cubicon Single Plus print quality is second to none, with upgraded sensors, improved positional accuracy and a built-in self-diagnostics system which helps to keep the printer operational for longer. 

The price for the Cubicon printers appears to be high compared to some of it’s rivals. However, once you have experienced how well the Cubicon printers have been built, their ease of use and superior part quality, it makes sense. We sell these mostly to professionals or to educational institutes where time is critical and need a solution that only requires the smallest amount of input. 

Build Size:
The Cubicon Single Plus feature a generous build size of 240x190x200 mm. 

Impressive body line design
The Cubicon Single Plus is a modern looking machine with a touch LCD screen and intuitive UI design which makes it user-friendly and convenient to use.

User Experience (UX) Design
The user-friendly touchscreen is simple to use meaning you can print your 3D models quickly and efficiently instead of wasting time trying to work out a complicated system.

Detachable extruder for user convenience
The detachable extruder means you can inspect the part at any time, making any maintenance an easy task. The extruder supports three kinds of filament: PLA, ABS, PETG and Flexible.

Advanced auto-leveling function
The auto-leveling function is a unique feature of the Cubicon Single Plus which controls the distance between the heated bed and the nozzle which extrudes the filament. This feature ensures that the distance between these two parts is precise so your 3D models are always printed to the highest quality.

Output stability
The enclosed structure and air convection function work to ensure that the heated bed and nozzle temperature remains consistent.

Filament detection sensor
The filament detection sensor prevents output failures caused by the filament running out by automatically pausing the print in progress. This helps the user check the filament and replace it if needed. Once new filament has been added, the printer will continue to print from the time it entered pause mode.

Three cleaning filters
The three cleaning filters work to remove dust, gases and odours generated while printing to create a safe and comfortable printing environment.
Hepa Filter - This filter removes 99.97% of airborne particles that are generated while printing, targeting particles as small as 0.3um.
Carbon Filter - This filter removes potentially harmful gas from the printing environment.
Purafil Catalysts  - This filters out organic compounds.

LCD touchscreen & USB memory
The 4.3-inch touchscreen has a graphic interface which means this printer is easy to use without compromising on stylish design. For user convenience, this printer has a USB slot rather than a slot for an SD card.

Single Plus Printing Parameters

Build Volume


Print Resolution


Filament Diameter


Number of Nozzles

Single Extruder

Print Speed

50 mm/s (Best) -500 mm/s (Max)

Nozzle Diameter            

0.4mm (0.3~1.0mm optional}                              

Filament Compatibility

Engineering Plastics                                        
PLA, ABS, Carbon Fiber, Wood, PETG, HIPs, TPU                                                             


Nozzle Max. Temperature              


Chamber Temperature


Platform Max. Temperature



Software Bundle           

Cubicreator, Simplify3D                                     

Operating Systems


Print File Type




Steel frame with moulded plastic covers                                           

Build Plate

Specially coated aluminum, no adhesive required

Positioning Precision

XY : 6.25um / Z : 1.25um


Directly Drive

Machine Construction

Fully enclosed hot chamber

Bed Leveling

Fully Automatic


Input Power                        

Free Volt 100~240V, 50/60 Hz, 7.2A ~ 3.6A

Rated Power



4.3'' full color touch screen, multi-language

Print Method

USB Connectivity, USB Disk, WIFI

Size & Weight

Machine Size             

W554 x D579 x H524 mm                          


25 kg

Packing Size

W640 x D630 x H610 mm



Special Function

Filament Detection
Pause printing when filament run out

Please note two weeks order delay.

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