3DXTech - Engineering Grade 3D Printing Filaments

3Design is setting the bar for bring New Zealand the best high grade 3D printing material. 3DXTech have a great range of standard to industrial grade filament including their CarbonX™ carbon infused 3D Filament. 

These filaments are ideal for applications that require superior stiffness, ease of printing, improved dimensional stability, UV-resistance, and lighter weight parts vs. standard structural materials.  Exceptional stiffness and dimensional stability.  

3DXTech Engineering Grade 3D Printing Filaments

3DXTech CarbonX™ Carbon Fiber Reinforced PA6 Nylon Filament


3DXTech ezPC (Polycarbonate)


3DXTech FibreX™ PA6+GF30 glass fiber Reinforced Nylon Filament


3DXTech PEKK-A Filament

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