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Cubicon Dual Plus 3D Printer - PEEK Capable

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Cubicon Dual Plus S30i 3D Printer - PEEK Capable The ultra performance 3D printer with fully automated calibrationThe highly anticipated release of the Cubicon Dual Plus is finally here! Not only delivering dual extrusion that is automatically calibr...

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Cubicon Dual Plus S30i 3D Printer - PEEK Capable 

The ultra performance 3D printer with fully automated calibration

The highly anticipated release of the Cubicon Dual Plus is finally here! Not only delivering dual extrusion that is automatically calibrated in the XY orientation but fully automated bed levelling is standard to create a truly unique user friendly experience.  

It also boasts the ability to print ultra engineering grade plastics like their specifically calibrated PEEK and PC but still open source for use with 3rd party materials with their hot air material treatment system to achieve the highest bonding properties for the strongest parts. The printer has water cooled extruders to keep the system cool even under the most demanding conditions. 

The Dual Plus has been developed to print with dissolvable supports specific to the part material for optimal adhesion where it is needed. With 3 dissolvable materials to choose from, including BVOH, VXL and Aquasys. The auto nozzle lift system ensures minimal oozing contamination of the main part. 

If you are looking for a high performance 3D printer to deliver prototypes and end use parts without the hassle, then the Cubicon Dual Plus is the machine for you!

Build Size

The Cubicon Dual Plus features a build size of 300x300x300 mm. 

Real-time monitoring and remote control with a built-in camera

With the built-in camera inside the Cubicon Dual Plus, you can check the output process not only on the touchscreen at the front but also on your computer or smartphone. Also, if an output error or failure is identified, the output situation can be controlled through network remote control. (power stop and restart, etc.)

* Network remote control will be applied upon completion of development.

Advanced auto-levelling function creates high quality output

The auto-levelling plus function is a unique feature of the Cubicon Dual Plus which controls the distance between the heated bed and the nozzle which extrudes the filament. This feature ensures that the distance between these two parts has an error tolerance of less than 10μm to ensure the gap is precise so your 3D models are always printed to the highest quality. It also ensures first layer adhesion is perfect to reduce the likelihood of part failure due to lifting or warping. 

Full auto XY calibration

Full auto calibration is a convenient function automatically measuring X,Y coordinate values and distance between the both nozzles for moving according to predefined points.

Built-in heated chamber

Built-in heated chamber with a maximum temperature of 80 degrees Celsius to keep the printing environment stable to reduce part warping  issues.

Filament Conditioner

The filament storage compartment is equipped with heaters to keep the filament at a stable temperature and humidity. 

Air Optimiser

It enhances the interlayer bonding strength by blowing hot or cool air to each layers with a proper temperature to stabilise the materials structure. 

An easy detachment of the printed part with the specially coated heating bed

The heating bed of Cubicon Dual Plus is specially coated to allow the part to start immediately without separate adhesive or masking tape, as well as to be easily separated after the part is completed, providing the best output quality.

Thermal efficiency was improved by applying insulation to the bottom of the heating bed.

Enhanced usability with the stainless steel nozzle kit

All printers are now fitted with the fast change patented stainless steel nozzle kit. This reduces the failure rate caused by common blockages and if a nozzle needs to be replaced it is a straightforward process that a technician is not required to do. 

7-inch touchscreen equipped with user-centred GUI

The 7-inch full-colour touchscreen with English UI allows even beginners to easily operate it and to check the various information (output status, equipment information, material information, printer information, etc.) simply.

Style Dual Plus Printer Parameters

Build Volume


Print Resolution
0.1 - 0.3mm
Filament Diameter
Number of Nozzles
Print Speed
50 mm/s (Best) - 200 mm/s (Max)
Nozzle Diameter
Filament Compatibility

Engineering Plastics                                                   

Nozzle Max. Temperature

Sub Extruder 260℃ - Bronze

Main Extruder 500℃ - Stainless Steel

Platform Max. Temperature
Heated Chamber Temperature80℃

Software Bundle
Cubicreator V4                                   
Operating Systems
Print File Type
STL, OBJ                                          

Build Plate
Specially coated metal, no adhesive required               
Direct Drive
Bed Leveling
Full Automatic Plus

Input Power                              
200 -240V                                                                        
7″ Touch LCD Screen
Print Method
USB, (FAT32/NTFS), Ethernet, Wifi
MonitoringBuilt-in Camera
Size and Weight

Dual Plus         835x720x810mm / 110Kg 

Please note: Price is for sea freight orders only. 8 to 12 weeks lead time.

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