Original 3D Printer Components and 3D Printer Parts

3Design is the authorized reseller of components, parts, and upgrade kits for Wanhao, Creatbot, and other brands of 3D Printers. Indeed, 3Design is the No. 1 supplier of components for a variety of brands in New Zealand. Whether you need extruders, hotends, print-beds, nozzles, LCD screens, thermal couplings, or some other parts of your 3D printer, 3Design is where you can find genuine components.

3Design features an exhaustive range of components for all types of 3D Printer users. We understand that professional 3D printer users in a business environment require their 3D printers to work at maximum efficiencies and with minimum downtime. You need highly reliable parts, which are not only durable but also precise. Our genuine components meet all your business needs.
On the other hand, students, hobbyists, and tinkerers require latest components that give their 3D printers greater capability, higher performance, and add more features. We also feature an ever-expanding range of components that bring cutting-edge technology in the reach of those who like to have the coolest stuff in the market. We, at 3Design, are a quality-conscious bunch of people. Our emphasis on quality borders on obsession, because it is our passion to deliver high-quality products to our customers. In line with this principle, we make sure that every part that is supplied by us to our customers passes through rigorous quality testing procedures and standards. As a result of our hard work, our customers get to experience an uninterrupted 3D printing experience, which is exactly what motivates us to be the best at what we do.

Original 3D Printer Parts and Spares

Cooling Fan 12V for i3 V2.1


Cooling Fan 24V for i3 Plus


DimaFix - Fixative Adhesive for 3D Printing


Endstop Switch


Extruder Drive Gear


Heating Tube 12V for i3 V2.1


Heating Tube 24V for i3 Plus


LCD Touch Screen for i3 Plus


MK 10 Nozzle


MK 10 PTFE Tube


MK 10 Throat Tube


Motherboard for i3 Plus


Motherboard for i3 V2.1


Power Supply 12V for i3 V2.1


Power Supply 24V for i3 Plus

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