Professional and Commercial Grade 3D Scanners

3Design is the authorised reseller for some of the best professional grade 3D Scanners available. Our range offers solutions for entry level scanning to extremely tight tolerances and even robot scanning implementations. Our range covers desktop, handheld, portable CMM with probe and scanhead metrology options. Software and training is also key to making any 3D scanning to part design or reverse engineering possible.

Polyga offers a great range of desktop and fixed mount scanners. With rugged housings, these fixed mount 3D scanners are made for industrial environments.

ScanTech offers the broadest range of handheld red and blue lasers with photogrammetry 3D scanners and also systems for larger objects where tracking is required. Key benefits include value for budget sensitive customers, fast scanning speeds, and highly compact and portable equipment.

Kreon offers the most precise measurement available on the 3D scanning market. With ISO 10360-12 standard for measuring arms and ISO 10360-8 standard for 3D scanners, Kreon 3D metrology systems offer the most accurate way to measure and inspect objects. Used in aerospace and precision engineering, Kreon 3D scanners and measuring arms set the standard for manufactured part quality assurance and accurate reverse engineering where tolerances are very high.

3Design has expertise in all areas and applications of 3D scanning equipment. We can recommend the correct software and 3D scanner package for your applications. Please contact us to discuss your requirements today.

3D Scanners NZ - Professional Range of 3D Scanners

Scantech iReal 2E 3D Scanner


Scantech Simscan 3D Scanner

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