High-Quality Specialty 3D Filaments

3Design offers a wide range of 3D printing filaments for all kinds of 3D printers. We offer both 1.75mm and 3.0mm filaments that are made of a variety of speciality materials. In addition to dealing with 3D printers and filaments, we also offer 3D printing services. Therefore, we know exactly which filaments and 3D printers produce good results and which don’t. As a result, we are in a position to handpick and provide only those filaments that pass our rigorous quality testing procedures.

Specialty 3D printing filaments 

We are always trying to expand our filament catalogue by bringing new, exotic and latest filaments with stunning new properties. However, we don’t add a new filament to our catalogue until we have tested them in our labs, printed a variety of products, and are completely satisfied with them. So, you can be sure that the filaments that you are getting are top notch in every aspect. All the filaments that we offer are shipped from our local warehouses, although they are imported from renowned producers from the US and Germany. Therefore, our customers don’t have to wait for weeks or months to get their filament orders delivered to their address. We ship the filaments on a priority basis soon after we get orders. Despite the high standards that we maintain in our selection of 3D printer filaments, we strive to keep the prices affordable so that you can 3D print as much as you want without having to worry about exceeding your budget constraints.

High-Quality Specialty 3D Printer Filaments

HIPS Filaments


PVA Filaments

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