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Cubicon Style Neo A31C and A22C 3D Printers

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Cubicon Style Neo A31C and A22C 3D PrintersHigh Resolution 3D printer with exceptionally user friendly experienceThe Cubicon Style Neo A22C and A31C 3D printers are part of the next generation from the Cubicon Style with refinements to their revoluti...

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Cubicon Style Neo A31C and A22C 3D Printers

High Resolution 3D printer with exceptionally user friendly experience

The Cubicon Style Neo A22C and A31C 3D printers are part of the next generation from the Cubicon Style with refinements to their revolutionary features. With 324% and 882% larger build capacity respectively, it is easy to print large models in one piece. These come standard with internal cameras and network remote control systems to adjust or stop the print remotely if there are any print issues. The triple air filter protects you by removing potentially harmful airborne toxins. The convection feature means the internal temperature in the printer remains stable, ensuring the end products are of high quality. 

The Cubicon Style Neo printers have a highly reliable print quality because of its enclosed build space, automatic bed levelling and precision motion control. It produces low-level noise, which means it can print in a working environment without being disruptive. The Cubicon Style Neo 3D printer has smooth and accurate print quality. Is user-friendly and 3D printer smart checkup function

The self-checkup function of the Cubicon Style means it can look after its own core components. The checkup function warns the user if any of its component have failed or malfunctioned.

Build Size

The Cubicon Style Neo A31C features a build size of 310x310x310 mm. 

The Cubicon Style Neo A22C features a build size of 220x220x220 mm. 

Real-time monitoring and remote control with a built-in camera

With the built-in camera inside the Cubicon Style NEO, you can check the output process not only on the touchscreen at the front but also on your computer or smartphone. Also, if an output error or failure is identified, the output situation can be controlled through network remote control. (power stop and restart, etc.)

* Network remote control will be applied upon completion of development.

Advanced auto-levelling function creates high quality output

The auto-levelling plus function is a unique feature of the Cubicon Style which controls the distance between the heated bed and the nozzle which extrudes the filament. This feature ensures that the distance between these two parts has an error tolerance of less than 10μm to ensure the gap is precise so your 3D models are always printed to the highest quality. It also ensures first layer adhesion is perfect to reduce the likelihood of part failure due to lifting or warping. 

An easy detachment of the printed part with the specially coated heating bed

The heating bed of CUBICON Style NEO is specially coated to allow the part to start immediately without separate adhesive or masking tape, as well as to be easily separated after the part is completed, providing the best output quality.

Thermal efficiency was improved by applying insulation to the bottom of the heating bed.

Enhanced usability with the stainless steel nozzle kit

All printers are now fitted with the fast change patented stainless steel nozzle kit. This reduces the failure rate caused by common blockages and if a nozzle needs to be replaced it is a straightforward process that a technician is not required to do. 

Output stability

The enclosed structure and air convection function work to ensure that the heated bed and nozzle temperature remains consistent.

The automatic filament feeder

The automatic filament feeder with two built-in rollers allows a more stable filament supply to significantly improve ease of use. In addition, with the contactless optical sensor, it automatically stops the output when there is a supply problem due to filament runout or breakage and reduces output time and saves material waste dramatically by allowing the output to continue when reconnected.

* To maintain quality and minimise maintenance, it is recommended that filaments from other companies are separated from the extruder and used.

Applied the NFC system that automatically recognizes the filament type

You can check the type and usage of filaments through the NFC system. Depending on the filament type recognized, the service temperature (nozzle, bed) is automatically set to prevent material-specific output conditions from failure. In addition, the user can easily check the usage of the filament on the front touchscreen and replace it at the proper time.

* This function is available when using a Cubicon filament that uses the NFC system

Power failure compensation feature

The Cubicon Style NEO uses the power failure compensation feature to prevent data damage and output errors that may occur in the event of a power outage or accidental work stop. Power needs to be restored within 5 minutes as the MCU Board always monitors the nozzle position.

* Depending on the material or model, it may be difficult to resume the output due to the lifting caused by floor shrinkage.

Enhanced output stability with the belt idler and cable carrier

The Cubicon Style NEO has applied a cable bear with industrial facility specifications to prevent free movement and twisting between cables.

Also, by applying a belt idler, which is an essential part of a large 3D printer, maintains consistent belt tension for a long time to ensure high-quality 3D printing.

Three cleaning filters

The three cleaning filters work to remove dust, gases and odours generated while printing to create a safe and comfortable printing environment.

Hepa Filter - This filter removes 99.97% of airborne particles that are generated while printing, targeting particles as small as 0.3um.

Carbon Filter - This filter removes potentially harmful gas from the printing environment.

Purafil Catalysts  - This filters out organic compounds.

Easy and fast output by connecting dedicated slicing S/W and Wifi

The free slicing SW 'Cubicreator' is optimised for the Cubicon 3D printer, which provides a faster and more accurate printing experience with an upgraded option setting and interfaces for user's convenience.

In addition, by connecting the PC running the slicing software and Cubicon Style Neo via Wifi, making output quick and easy without USB.

7-inch touchscreen equipped with user-centred GUI

The 7-inch full-colour touchscreen with English UI allows even beginners to easily operate it and to check the various information (output status, equipment information, material information, printer information, etc.) simply.

Style Neo Printer Parameters

Build Volume

A31C - 310*310*310mm

A22C - 220*220*220

Print Resolution
XY : 3.125um / Z : 1.25um
Filament Diameter
Number of Nozzles
Print Speed
50 mm/s (Best) -150 mm/s (Max)
Nozzle Diameter
Filament Compatibility

Engineering Plastics                                                                    
ABS, ABS, – A100(Low warpage)warpage), PLA Plus, PLAPLA– i21(High Strength)Strength), PETG, TPU

Nozzle Max. Temperature
Platform Max. Temperature

Software Bundle
Cubicreator V4                                   
Operating Systems
Print File Type
STL, OBJ                                          

Build Plate
Specially coated aluminium, no adhesive required      
Direct Drive
Bed Leveling
Automatic Plus

Input Power                              
200 -240V~, 60Hz, 2.65A (110V & 220V Free Volt)      
7″ Touch TFT LCD Screen
Print Method
USB, (FAT32/NTFS), Ethernet, Wifi
MonitoringBuilt-in Camera
Size and Weight

A22C                405x451x597mm / 32Kg   
A31C498x552x710mm / 45Kg

Please note two weeks order delay.

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