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The Cubicon 3D Printer is changing the way that people print out their designs. Available in a variety of styles including the Cubicon Single, the Cubicon Single Plus, the Cubicon Style and the Cubicon Lux, the Cubicon 3D Printer is a varied and versatile printer that can handle all of your 3D printing needs. The first iteration of the Cubicon made a name with itself for being the first to mount a convection temperature control function and the very first in the world to combine an auto-leveling plus function with a filament disposition 3D printing bed. These sorts of Cubicon 3D Printers feature an easy cleaning functionality that allows you to clear out a blocked nozzle simple by removing the bit of the product that is preventing your work and giving you an issue. 

The Finest 3D printers 

With the Cubicon 3D Printer, you can use a variety of different materials, whereas typical FFF-type 3D printers only allow for the use of PLA. A convection feature paired with the ability to easily detect and clear out any sort of malfunction and mess, the Cubicon 3D Printer allows you to work with otherwise difficult ABS plastic. It can heat the plastic up to its perfectly pliable state in a way that others cannot thanks to its convection heating. The automatic filament malfunction detection will help you realize right away that there is an issue so you can clean it out and keep going.  

Browse the different Cubicon 3D Printers that are available here to find the right one for you and your needs. 

Cubicon Professional 3D Printers

Cubicon Dual Plus - S30i


Cubicon Lux


Cubicon Single Plus


Cubicon Style


Cubicon Style Neo

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