Flexion Retrofit Kit for Dual Extruder

Flexion Retrofit Kit for Dual Extruder

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Flexion Retrofit Kit for Dual Extruder (Flashforge Creator Pro and others)Product features    Full-speed printing of flexible filament    Higher-resolution    Self-cleaning drive    Fewer print failures    Highly engineeredProduct descriptionThe Flex...

Flexion Retrofit Kit for Dual Extruder (Flashforge Creator Pro and others)

Product features
    Full-speed printing of flexible filament
    Self-cleaning drive
    Fewer print failures
    Highly engineered

Product description
The Flexion Extruder upgrade for single-extruder printers will drastically improve your prints, especially with flexible filament. The extruder uses precision-machined metal components to apply adjustable, precise tension on the filament to convert the rotation of the motor to axial filament movement much more reliably than your stock extruder. The filament path is better supported than any other extruder, and is optimized for flexible filaments. The Flexion Extruder allows printing down to 60 Shore A durometer material - softer than anything on the market today. This model is a drop-in replacement for Flashforge Creator Pro, QiDi Tech, PowerSpec Ultra, Wanhao Duplicator 4S, and others.

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