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Cubicon LUX DLP 3D Printer

The Cubicon Lux is a DLP (Digital Light Processing) 3D printer. It uses a 3D printing process similar to Stereolithography (SLA), where a light source photo cures liquid resin. For DLP 3D printers the light comes from a video projector instead of a laser beam. Layer after layer the resin is solidified and piled up, until the 3D part is complete. Fitted with a large color touch screen display, the Cubicon Lux offers a nice roundish design. FREE QUOTES AVAILABLE

Cubicon Lux is the easiest DLP 3D printer for the first time in forever, perfect harmorny with design and performance.

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Please Note 2 week order delay. FREE QUOTES AVAILABLE

Product size: 310 x 485 x 460 mm (W × D × H)
Product weight: ~ 15.6 kg
Packaging box: 390 x 540 x 545 mm (W × D × H)
Packaged weight: 21kg

Ambient operating temperature: 15 ~ 35 ℃
Storage temperature: 0 ~ 35 ℃

AC input: AC110 ~ 240V, 50 ~ 60Hz
Power Consumption: 240W (Max)

Supplied slicing software: CubicreatorLP
Input 3D design file format: .stl, .obj
Supported OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

Printing technology: Digital Light Processing
Printed object size: 100 X 75 X 145 mm (W × D × H)
Printing Material: Acryl
X, Y-Axis Resolution: 100um
Z -Axis Resolution: 20um to 100um
Light Type: Projector (1024×768)
Connectivity: USB Memory (FAT32)