3D printer farm

3D printer farm

Now all you need to 3D print is an internet connection! 3Design is excited to introduce our new 3D printing farm which allows you to 3D print your products from anywhere you have access to a computer and the internet. This new system gives you the control to 3D print the models you want without the hassle of owning and maintaining a 3D printer. When 3Design first entered the New Zealand 3D printing market, we noticed there lacked a service for those people that wanted to try 3D printing but didn’t want to pay for an expensive 3D printer or didn’t know how to use one. This service allows you to create the models you want in a time-saving and cost-effective way without having to have any 3D printing knowledge or experience.

Introduction to 3D Printer Farm

Simply create an account, upload your 3D file, choose your filament and colour specifications and away you go. It will calculate the cost to create your 3D model which is determined per gram of filament required. The postage fee, handling fee and the printer hire cost will also be included in this cost calculation.

Once the payment has been completed, one of our 3D printers will begin printing your object at our Tauranga-based studio. 3Design offers a fast turn around with a 48-hour delivery time from the completion of the print. We will send an object anywhere in New Zealand. The objects are printed on a Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus Desktop Printer, which has a maximum print size of 200mm x 200mm x 180mm.

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Need 3D printable files to download?

We have you covered. Download 3D printable files from any one of these 3D party websites with over 1 million free downloadable files available.


You can print your object using PLA plastic filament and choose from a range of colours including black, white, green, blue, grey, red, yellow, orange, clear and nature. This service is a New Zealand first and perfect for people new to 3D printing or those wanting to print just one or a few different objects. This service is a great choice when it comes to making replacement parts, prototypes and personalised items. Whether you’re a hobbyist looking to bring your creations to life, or a teacher wanting to develop your students’ technical design skills, the 3D printer farm offers you a convenient and inexpensive way to 3D print.

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Advantages of 3D printer farm

  • You don’t have to purchase your own expensive 3D printer
  • No printer maintenance expenses
  • No 3D printing experience or knowledge needed
  • No need to monitor the printing process as it is done remotely
  • Fast and convenient
  • Competitive rate for filament material
  • Fast turnaround - products will be sent out within 48 hours of print completion
  • Secure IP address - your details are safe as there is no data storage
  • Should something go wrong with the printer during the printing process, we will reprint your object free of charge so you receive a high quality finished product

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to make my 3D printed object?
How long will it take to 3D print my product?

When you upload your 3D file, it will automatically calculate how long the object will take to 3D print, so you will know straight away the length of the printing process.

How shortly after my product has finished printing will it be delivered to me?

At 3Design we have a consumer guarantee to send out finished products within 48 hours of it finishing printing.

Can I choose what filament is used and the colour of my product?

At this stage, our printing farm only uses PLA filament. PLA is a biodegradable plastic which is natural therefore it is safe to use with foodstuffs. You can choose from the colours black, white, green, blue, grey, red, yellow, orange, clear and nature.

When I try to upload my 3D file it tells me there’s an error?

An error with your 3D file means that it cannot be turned into a code which the 3D printers understand. There are applications you can use to fix these file errors, or you can contact us and we will try and find where the issue is.

What are my payment options?

We accept credit card payments for this service or it can be paid through your 3Design account when approved.

What if I don’t know how to make my own 3D file but want something 3D printed?

If you want to create a personalised item, then 3Design is happy to work with you to create your own 3D file. We also have a range of links you can use to access free reputable online sites which have pre-made 3D files for a range of products which you can use as the 3D file you upload

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