Buy 3D printer-3Design NZ

Buy 3D printer-3Design NZ

 So, why buy your 3D printer from 3Design?

You really need to think twice before you order a 3D printer from China or off eBay. With no warranty and no support after the sale, as well as the cost of shipping and import taxes, the cost can really add up. What seems like a "super deal" can turn into a real aggravation before you know it.

Why buy a printer from us?

You can trust 3Design. We are a legitimate New Zealand based company that stands behind everything we sell. We have been dealing with happy customers for nearly 15 years now and know how to keep a happy client!

• We service what we sell 100% in-house. If you have an issue we'll help you solve it, no problem!
• 3Design is located in Tauranga which means you won't have to pay custom taxes, import duty or overpriced shipping fees.
• At around half the cost of a MakerBot, we have a great price on a machine that will keep you printing for many years to come.
• We print with the same printers that we sell. We 3D print every day so we know how to get a 3D printer up and running right, as well as running fast for you.
• We stock a full line of spare and replacement parts in-house which are ready to ship today. Click here to see our 3D printer parts.
• We are New Zealand’s 3D printing specialists and we really enjoy helping new clients.
• Start enjoying this amazing technology... once you get a 3D printer, you'll be hooked!

Why buy a printer from us?

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Who is using 3D printing?

Professionals use 3D printing as part of their work. They're the largest group, accounting for more than a third of the respondents. Predominantly they design their own models and 57% of them are either (product) designers or engineers. Prototyping is the most common function of 3D printers, making up 85% of its use, however, 32% of professionals have used them for research and 18% for the production of end products.

Makers are defined as those who use 3D printing for personal projects but design their own models. Tied with professionals, they are also the largest group, making up 34.9% of respondents. 3D printer functions are mostly related to the makers hobbies or gadgets they use and a technical background is quite common.

Pioneers are relatively new to the 3D printing world. They 3D print for personal projects and because they lack design skills, in most cases, they acquire designs from content platforms. They represent 21.7% of the interviewees.

Students/Researchers use 3D printing as part of their education or for research, making up 8.5% of the respondents. 74% of students use 3D printing for their course projects but over a third of them 3D print personal projects as well.