About - 3Design NZ

About - 3Design NZ


We love additive manufacturing and 3D technology. We are a small team, but we possess a highly skilled workforce. The team at 3Design aim to please. Each of us plays an important role to keep the printing and design wheels rolling. We aim to give you exactly what you need in as fast time as possible. Our goal is to produce great work with positive energy. Let’s enjoy creating together!

3Design Innovation Process

Manufacturing and production conjure up visualisations of large-scale factories producing large quantities of products through their sheer size and resources. However, the revolution of 3D printing is beginning to level the playing field by enabling more manufacturing and prototyping to occur outside of factory walls. 67% of manufacturers surveyed are currently implementing 3D printing either in full production or pilot mode and 25% more intend to adopt 3D printing in the future.


3D printing, additive manufacturing and related technologies explore emerging challenges and opportunities ranging from new developments of processes and materials to new simulation and design tools as well as informative applications and case studies. Novel applications in new areas, such as medicine, education, bio-printing, food printing, art and architecture are also encouraged. Our team combined has over twenty years of industry experience and we bring high-quality 3D printing within everybody’s reach.

3Design Idea To End User

At the same time, this experience will help us make 3D printing more accessible. With our tools, more and more people will have the opportunity to become designers and inventors. We exist to cater to demanding designers and inventors. This means that we will focus on higher quality and have more choices for designers. Above all, we aim to deliver high quality and reliability for which we can build on the experience of our colleagues.


3Design enables 3D printing to be your No. 1 choice for hard plastic prototyping in a wide variety of designs and applications ranging from pragmatic concept models to final part manufacturing. 3D printed parts are accurate and highly detailed, enabling you to create your designs with confidence and efficiency. 3D printed parts give you the option to eliminate expensive tooling costs and drastically reduce your time spent on product development and production.

3Design Creative Planning

3D printing technology has gained high popularity in places such as the USA and Europe. People can now start to print anything from sculptures, hobby and commercial objects, to a household object (or a spare part). The architecture field has also started to apply this technology to create architectural design prototypes. Archaeologists use it to replicate historical sites and objects for their research purposes. 3Design aims to provide these services to local and offshore architects who are looking to better their services for their clients. This can be by way of an added service that an architect can offer to clients which will give their business a leading edge over their opposition.