3D printing Projects-3Design NZ

3D printing Projects-3Design NZ

Tauranga council building 

As part of the heart of tauranga project we modeled a futuristic image of the council building.

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St johns community centre 

An architecturally modeled replicare was made by 3design for the new wanaka community centre last year before building commenced to give the public a physical image of what it will look like. 


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Private health care unit

A CT Scan was provided to us by a surgeon who was about to brief his staff on an upcoming spinal surgery patient. Out of the scan we managed to create this model for preoperative debrief before the surgery.  

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Contact Energy 

these parts were scanned and reverse engineered for contact energy for one of there older power generators. a perfect example of how obsolete parts can be replicated.    

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3D Printed Apartment block

This 3D Printed apartment took 400 hours of printing time, this used 4 machines (FDM) over a week, the files were supplied to us which we had to cut up into sections to Print. This was a fun project that reflects how well we can model different products. To watch our printers in action printing some of this awesome job click here  

building 2


These brackets are made from ABS filament on our Creatbot for a local company in Tauranga. They couldn't find anyone to produce them within their three-day time frame, and we completed this task at a fraction of the cost it would have been had they injection moulded.  


Tech Company

Below is a computer component casing for a new tech company which was 3D printed and painted on the 26/06/2016. It took 46 hours of printing all up using ABS filament. 


GJ Gardner Homes 

We printed this wooden house using our Colorfabb wood filament for GJ Gardner Homes in Hamilton. They have used this for a gift for one of their clients. This is an exact replica of their client's home that was just built.    

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3Design worked with boat manufacturer Stabicraft to help them prepare for the Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show 2016. Stabicraft recognises the future potential of 3D printing and believes it will help them speed up there manufacturing processes. Stabicraft are world leaders in aluminium boat manufacturing and show this in there constant efforts to set industry standards in innovation and research. 

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3Design and Flightless Collect & Connect

In late 2015, 3Design had the privilege of working with Flightless on there Collect and Connect project for the Auckland museum. Flightless is a boutique design and independent games development studio for a concept, design, and production of a multi-user interactive table game for the Taku Tāmaki – Auckland Stories Exhibition.

taku tamaki 07 600x434

3Design modelled over eighty pieces for the Collect and Connect game which is an example of a physical-digital museum experience at the leading edge of creative technologies. It cleverly brings together a combination of approaches in infrared camera tracking and multi-touch screen hardware, 3D printed and printed solutions, data driven and client-managed content, and a modern games engine development platform. To see more about the project click here 

Jacks Machinery

The owner of Jacks Machinery, Steve Jacks, asked 3Design to reproduce a bearing case from a piece of arming equipment. The farming manufacture’s only replacement option was to purchase a multiple component encasing in which costs were running around $3500 dollars. Since the only part to wear and brake was the bearing casing, Steve was looking for an alternative to reduce costs. 3Design drafted up the model using a used broken portion of the casing and printed the design for testing purposes. After a few revisions, we were able to produce the part for under $50, saving Jack’s Machinery thousands.


 bering case

Bearing Case 1

Bearing Case 2

Printstock Gear Set

Determined to turn an older printing machine into a newer metric setup, our client approached us to replicate and modify the gear set for timing the print cycle. These are now being printed on the Mankati Fullscale XT Plus using PLA filament and are producing accurate results, withstanding the necessary loading. This is a perfect example of minimising costs and time by using 3D printing technology.






Old buses usually have many parts that have become obsolete or hard to get. This particular bracket breaks regularly and is hard get. With reverse engineering using our Next Engine 3D scanner, we were able to replicate the bracket and print it. With the digital file readily at hand there is no need to carry spares. Simply press print when the need arises.



Bracket 2


Tattoo Machines

This has been a labour of love for a local tattoo machine manufacturer. We embarked on this journey with him to create a new look machine with amazing adaptability in a very close knit community of tattoo artists. With every millimeter being precious we were able to create a great looking machine with the functionality of high end machines. With great balance and size this will rival some of the smallest light weight machines available. This has been printed in titanium to reduce weight speed up development time and reduce the cost of small run CNC. More detail can’t be revealed due to manor in which this performs and launch being close at hand. But watch this space. We have  this prototype has been 3d printed in titanium.  



tattoo setattoo sw