Special Filaments Colorfabb - 3Design NZ

Special Filaments Colorfabb - 3Design NZ


At 3Design we know how much filament quality can impact the final outcome of 3D models. This is why we recommend ColorFabb filament because its diameter tolerance is +- 0.05mm, ensuring that your machine will have a steady flow of material. FREE QUOTES AVAILABLE


At 3Design we regularly experiment with our 3D printing materials so we can continue to provide only the best quality filaments to our customers. All our printing materials are tested in our 3D printing lab to ensure they'll work great in your 3D printer.


Our PLA/PHA filament is available in a huge variety of colours. We select colours that we think work will well for 3D printing filaments and also offer a colour matching service for those that are looking for a specific colour.

ColorFabb Special Filaments

3D printing using a variety of materials has become important to many users. Therefore, ColorFabb ventured into the world of composite materials, like woodFill, bambooFill, brassFill and copperFill. FREE QUOTES AVAILABLE