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Our proven high quality, low cost filament can be delivered to you anywhere in NZ! 

PLA filament (Polylactic acid) FREE QUOTES AVAILABLE

PLA is an ideal filament to use in 3D printers and is great for beginners. It is available in optically clear forms, and when extruded produces no toxic fumes. It has a pleasant odour which has been likened to candyfloss and is made from the natural acid present in yoghurt. This natural filament has no additives making it safe to use with foodstuffs. PLA is often used to make soluble sutures for surgery and it doesn’t affect the lactose intolerant. PLA is biodegradable so is fine to be disposed of in your local city compost, however we do not recommend putting this in your backyard as it requires heat to degrade.

Trademe 4x filament


ABS filament (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)

ABS is a recyclable plastic used to create common objects including Lego bricks and monitor cases. When heated it produces styrene fumes and other gases which can create an unpleasant smell, so good ventilation is highly recommended. It is tougher compared to PLA and can withstand 60℃ with ease. The extrusion process is done between 210℃ and 250℃, and any blockages should be cleared with acetone only when the ABS is cool, as it will turn to char if you try to burn it out. ABS is one of the most popular 3D printing materials available because of its strength and ease of use. ABS is a flexible and durable plastic which makes is suited for interconnecting parts, prototypes or end user printed parts.


PLEASE TAKE NOTE: We have 1.75mm and 3.0mm ABS and PLA plastic filaments up for this deal. Please state what size, colour and type of filament you are after upon purchase. This must be put into the comments box when checking out. Colours are black, white, green, blue, grey, red, yellow, orange, clear and nature.

Offers while stock last, please note BLACK, BLUE PLA 3.0mm and NATURE WHITE, BLUE & CLEAR PLA 1.75mm are out of stock. FREE QUOTES AVAILABLE                                                                                     

Diameter Accuracy: 3mm ±0.05mm or 1.75mm ±0.05mm
Roundness Accuracy: ±0.05mm